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“I’ve made several key hires for my clients utilizing the KIT List. I always receive a reasonable volume of high-quality candidates who are consistently better than the major job boards. I would rank it as my number one online resource for performing searches in the Bay Area.”

Jeremy McCarthy
CEO, HireLoop

About Us

How it All Started

Sue Connelly accidentally discovered the power of the Internet when she created an email list in 1997 to keep in touch with friends and clients at Silicon Graphics. Silicon Graphics was Sue’s client for many years, and she enjoyed the magic of working with terrific people during an incredible time in SGI’s history. After she began working with other client companies, she started her email list to keep this magic going by staying in touch with her friends.

Not knowing the “Be Careful What You Start” rule, she quickly found out how fast things can grow on the Web when she started sending out job leads to help friends who had been laid off from SGI. The list rapidly changed into a job opportunities email list that now has over 67,000 subscribers! Sue donated her time to keep the list going for nearly seven years, but she was staggering under the workload. In 2002, two of her friends, Amy Plunkett and Val Cienega, saved her life (and her sanity!) by helping with the large moderator workload so the KIT List could continue to “help great people find great jobs.” Later Sue's sister Kelly Connelly joind the team as well.

Sue Connelly
KIT List Founder and Moderator
Principal, Connelly Communications

Sue’s “real job” is as a marketing communications consultant. She founded Connelly Communications ( in 1994, and she creates and manages programs that generate revenue for her clients. Some of her clients include Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, NEC, Proxim, Symantec, Sun/Netscape Alliance, Argonaut, and SGI. Sue also teaches Marketing Best Practices seminars to companies both in person and through Web seminars. She also teaches her seminars at the San Francisco Small Business Administration and at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.

When not working on the KIT List or with her clients, Sue loves to fly small planes -- she once did aerobatics in a Czech fighter jet! She was “infected by the travel bug” by her mother, who flew with Pan Am during its golden era. Sue’s trips to amazing places, especially Africa and Thailand, have changed her perspective on life, making her appreciate the opportunities we have here in the states and realize that there’s still a whole lot more for her to see in the world!

Amy Sloniker Plunkett
KIT List Moderator

Amy is a Senior Product Marketing Manager for a software company in Mountain View, California. She’s been working with the company for over five years, and there she enjoys creating the materials used to help market and sell products including collateral, presentations, and other product launch materials.

Amy is a former SGIer, where she first met Sue. At SGI, Amy spent most of her time working with developers and was fortunate to leave SGI with not only great work experience, but also some incredible friendships.

In January 2002, Amy offered to volunteer her time to help Sue moderate the two KIT Lists. Since that time, membership and job postings have grown exponentially. She believes in the value of these lists for members and really enjoys helping out.

Amy holds a B.A. in Advertising/Marketing from San Jose State University and an M.B.A. in Marketing from National University. In her free time, Amy enjoys travel, exploring the incredible San Francisco Bay Area, spending time with friends and family...and just enjoying life!

Kelly Connelly
KIT List Moderator

Kelly is the Principal and Creative Director of a San Francisco design and branding firm, Kelly Connelly Design + Print . Her business is to create a strong identity for her corporate clients by creating effective branding, communications, print collateral, websites and event graphics. The great work comes from her collaborative team of designers, writers and web developers that enable the group to produce clever and successful communications. Clients include: Oracle, ATT Wireless, Franklin/Templeton, Wells Fargo, Seagate, United Healthcare.

Kelly also happens to be Sue's sister, so she's more than happy to support Sue's sincere intentions for the KIT List community by helping to moderate the KIT List. "By helping with the KIT List, I hope to make a change for the good, too. There is nothing more gratifying than when we hear that someone lands a wonderful new job. Sue has changed lives. I'm honored to be part of the KIT List."

If not in front of a client, computer monitor or finding jobs for her friends, Kelly will do anything to get out of the San Francisco fog and hit a mountain trail and seek blue skies. She is also a volunteer and supporter of family and children's issues. "When we see our friends secure a new jobs, it is helping their families too!"


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